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About - Jami Amerine

Hey, there friend! 

Welcome to my website! I am so glad you found me here. This space is very different from the blog I started, on my phone, (don’t ever do that,) in September of 2015. I didn’t fancy myself an author, but I could get some laughs with the tales I told. And, I had such fun doing it, that I morphed into a published author within weeks of my first post.  My first viral post, An Open Letter to My Children: You’re Not that Great, rocketed my little-known blog to number one IN THE WORLD, on the evening of my birthday on September 26, 2015. 

And whether you have watched my journey, read my books, or just stumbled upon this place by chance, you need to know that I am not the same girl that wrote snarky posts or voiced lofty, pious opinions. What I have learned about myself as a writer of Women’s non-fiction is that I was not put on the earth to be a savior, a martyr, or a judge and jury for mankind. And, I love to write fiction. 

So, that is what I write now. Most of my newer content is now housed on my Patreon. I very rarely visit social media. And I don’t subscribe to the belief that my journey is set in stone or that I can be a brand, and meet with peace. I love to write,paint,and create. Outside of that, I am on a journey, just like you.  

In 2017, after our oldest son left for Marine Bootcamp, and our long-term foster daughter was restored to her birth family, my husband Justin, and I sold our ranch. We relocated to North Houston, to be closer to my parents and siblings. I have a Master’s Degree in Education, Counseling, and Human Development. I also have an undergraduate degree in Family and Consumer Sciences (yeah, Home Ec.). I can cook anything, but don’t ask me to sew.

I do not speak for churches or religious events anymore, although I will continue to teach local writing classes and do some consulting. My writing schedule and art/studio time do not bend that way… and, honestly, the last time I was asked to speak - I could only secure the contract if my MALE pastor signed off on it. 

Basically, I don’t have time for such nonsense.  So, instead, I will just write life giving words for entertainment. You can subscribe to my email and get the first chapter of my first novella, Five Minutes on Charles Street (July ‘22). And you can find me on Patreon for updates. 

Thank you for stopping by! 

Have a beautiful day!  Jami